J. Wilfred Zeon is an engaging inspirational writer and speaker. Wilfred’s timely, inspiring and provocative message has earned him huge followers on social media and made him one of the most sought-after inspirational speakers in Liberia. He has been interviewed on premiere radio such as the Voice of America (VoA) and television stations in the country and abroad.


We are living in a knowledge-based economy. Right, those who know and use what they know will undoubtedly be the moving and shakers of the world. On this site, you can order and subscribe to some of Wilfred’s evidence-based and results-driven products: books, videos, training programs, etc., that will give you a cutting edge in pursuing your projects and dreams. Follow the link below to see products that meet your needs.


The Coach A Life (CAL) Project

The goal of this project is to help young people gather the courage to chase their dreams despite their space. This entails outreach with simple lessons from our own lives.
Live Your Dream Liberia

The Live Your Dream Liberia (LD-Liberia)

The aim of this project is to inspire individuals to actualize their dreams to impact communities in Liberia; be it through business, career or whatever their positive pursuits.


(discover how to switch on your senses to live your essence)
‘The Legacy of Your Five Senses’ is an inspirational book intended to empower you to live your essence with these natural gifts- five practical principles denoting each of the senses. Wait no more. Live your essence by switching on the power of your senses; learn how you can walk through life expecting better results.